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My Services


We are wondrously made and capable of things beyond our wildest imaginings.  In a sacred environment, a wealth of experiences

and beliefs naturally unwind and release.

You discover…


All your answers are within you. 


You experience

your own Greatness as a human being.


This is Evolution.

Healing Modalities

Grounded in spiritual strength, all the modalities work

alchemically for your transformation.

Our work may include:

Energy Work 


~ Aura Reading and Repair, Aura Protection Techniques, cord cutting ~

~ Release of foreign energy, heart healing, energy balancing, long distance healing ~

~Past life healing, Healing with Masters, Archangels and the Angelic Realm ~ 

~ Shamanic Medicine Drumming, Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Crystal Healing ~ 

~ Feather Healing ~ Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Flower Essences, and more.

Sacred Practices


~ Sacred Ceremony ~Initiation~

~ Meditation ~ 

Psychic and Intuitive Work


~Tarot for Transformation~

~Mystical Clairvoyant Readings~




Private Tutoring

Workshops and Trainings


All our work supports the Restoration of your Wholeness

Spiritual Mentoring

Using your everyday life as the raw material

for your Spiritual Evolution, we

Shine the Light of Awareness

where it is needed.

Spiritual practices, teachings and conversation,

all lead your authentic Self to rise up,

giving you the strength and inclination to be yourself

and take action where you couldn’t before.


Evolution is defined as “Attitudinal Growth”.

Your attitude about everything changes,

not because you choose to, but because your experience of

life changes.

You Know because you have Experienced.

Life is other than you previously believed it to be.

Notes on Services

Healing is defined here as any action that brings about greater self acceptance, integration, and wholeness. While physical changes can occur, sessions with Cathy are not intended to replace advice or treatment from your health care provider. 

​Canceling and Rescheduling

Life Happens. Prompt notification of any need to reschedule your appointment is greatly appreciated. Repeated difficulty in keeping your appointment may result in a surcharge​.

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