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About Cathy

Life is a Gift

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On a slippery sidewalk in June 2019 I fell squarely on my right knee and my kneecap broke. There was no pain. There was a feeling of Peace and a Confident Knowing that Everything is OK. And so it was… People arrived to help me. The hospital. The surgery. The recovery. Everything went smoothly. I was warmly escorted back to health by a welcoming parade of friends and professionals.

Through out this time I wondered, “What has brought me to my knees?”

I discovered it wasn’t something to be figured out. The question was a place to inhabit. Living inside that question I experienced gratitude, reverence, awareness, humility, vulnerability, creativity, and the throb of Sacred Aliveness. Out of this came a new way of experiencing my life. I am erect with the calm power to create my life anew.

Aligning with this Intelligent and Loving Light that Eternally Guides from Within didn’t give me pat answers. It gave me a life worth Living Into. My work is sharing this path into Wholeness. This is what I am about.

You can give your own life a similar Depth Charge through a series of custom energy healing sessions, phone sessions, Intuitive Readings or with ongoing Spiritual Mentoring.

Life is a gift.

Untie the ribbon.


Drawn to the heart of life's mysteries since I was very young, the direct experience of Living Energy with Reiki in 1992 awakened me to a whole new world of possibilities. My studies with Jack Kornfield, Joan Halifax, and Michael Harner began soon after.​

My previous trainings and ongoing education includes:

  • 2000-2007 ~ Practice and study with Ron Lavin, the founder of One Light Healing Touch, led to becoming a certified teacher of OLHT.

  • 2002-2004 ~ Studied with Ron Roth and traveled with him to Brazil to experience the work of John of God. I was humbled to be recognized as a Daughter of the Casa.

  • 2008 to present ~ Extensive study with my spiritual teacher Samyama Flowering Tree in Advanced Metaphysics and Human Potential that is dedicated to my spiritual evolution. 

  • I am Certified in Reiki, Coaching for Transformation, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, New Life Story Wellness Coaching, Karttikeyan Yoga Nidra and, Shamanism among others.

  • Various trainings included:
     ~ Landmark Worldwide
    ~ Yoga Nidra with Amrit and Kamini Desai
    ~ Spiritual teacher Derrick O’Neill
    ~ Bach Flower Essence training with Joseph Aldo 
    ~ Essential Oils with Robin Spiegel
    ~ Numerology with Greer Jonas
    ~ Matrix Energetics 
    ~ Sufi Training at Suluk Academy with Pir Zia
    ~ Advanced training with Samyama Flowering Tree included Advanced Metaphysics, Intuitive Reading and Tarot, LightWorker Ascension Project, and Balancing the Yin and Yang
    ~ Personal self-study with crystal healing and Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

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