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Loving Kindness


with Cathy


The natural and friendly ground of our work allows

what is Good and Noble and True

about you to arise and create the life you were born to Live!

Meet Cathy

In the spirit of Loving Kindness ~ light heartedness and intuition collaborate with experience and technique to heal the body, mind, and spirit including past lives, physical ailments, and behavior patterns.


Clients report feeling lighter, clearer, empowered, kinder, more creative, and happier with themselves, their relationships, and their lives over all.

Cathy Lewis



There is a unique and special way each person wants to be healed that allows for a natural unwinding and release of what no longer belongs.

Spiritual Mentoring


Spiritual Mentoring is an ongoing,

non-denominational, and  individually tailored program for people who are interested in their Spiritual Evolution.


Healing Modalities


Grounded in spiritual strength, all the modalities work alchemically for your transformation.


" Through Cathy’s natural gifts, much hard work and devotion to her calling, Cathy has become an amazing Healer and energy worker.  When we have a healing session, she clears the blocks in my system, allowing me to let go of the anxiety, unrealistic expectations and negative feelings I store inside myself and to bring in positive feelings and regard for myself." ~ Mary Trabert

"When I first met Cathy, I was drawn to her beautiful heart like a moth to a flame. She was a master teacher in an energy healing class and I found myself wanting to be right next to her soaking up the great Love she exudes and the powerful healing energy that flows through her.

As my connection to her deepened over time, I was and continue to be blessed by her capacity to see the highest in every being, to love without judgement. She has a gifted sense of the intuitive and connection to the Great Mystery. She continues to be a powerful blessing in my life." ~ Jacqui Harding

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